Tree Cutting, Removal & Maintenance - An Overview


Tree cutting, removal and maintenance is an integral part of any tree service. The process involves the cutting down of trees to make way for new growth. This usually involves a chain saw, which may be operated either manually or by a remote control.

Tree cutting, removal and maintenance services are required in residential and commercial establishments alike. The basic premise is that trees should be maintained in order to avoid the occurrence of structural and aesthetic problems in the future. However, it has been noticed that most people ignore this aspect of tree maintenance.

Tree cutting, removal and maintenance services require skilled and trained personnel, who specialize in the proper procedure involved in the task. These personnel have to be certified and registered with the authorities. Some other related requirements include a license from the authorities, a good working knowledge of the particular tree species, and adequate experience of handling the particular equipment.

A good tree cutting, removal and maintenance team should have all the necessary tools necessary for the job. In addition, the team should be able to offer expert consultation regarding the maintenance of the tree and its surroundings.

The root system of the tree should also be examined. It is the tree root system that acts as a protective layer to the tree. A root inspection is important because it helps in identifying the right places where the tree can be cut down. A tree cutting, removal and maintenance team should also be well equipped with the latest machinery that can provide the required support to the tree at its root level. Learn more on

Once the right tools and equipments are acquired, a tree cutting, removal and maintenance team should be provided with a plan of action. The plan should include the time frame, the area, the specific tree species and other relevant parameters. Once the plan is developed, it should be presented to the concerned authority and they should implement it accordingly.

Once the tree is selected, it should be removed as quickly as possible. It is not necessary to remove the entire tree from a site but only the roots that are hindering the smooth growth of the tree should be removed.

The tree cutting, removal and maintenance team should also identify the root ball of the tree, if any, and remove any roots that are protruding from it. Once the root ball is removed, the root system should be replaced with new roots. This is done by removing any other root system that might be present and replacing them with healthy ones.

When all the required measures are followed, trees that were once neglected will look like new. Within a period of three to four years, these trees will thrive and give the desired effect. For more details view here.

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